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Cornel West

Gift from Bethany Baptist Church in Newark to Dr. Cornel West

Family tree with pastel color palette and birds to represent grandchildren

Detail of family name

Birds detail

Another bird

Another bird

Last bird

Closeup of illuminated K

This James Agee quote was given as a wedding gift

"A man who works with his hands..." saying
Decorated with Celtic designs and given as a gift

Corner detail

Celtic knot detail


Kahlil Gibran poem on Children as a gift to Valerie

Whole piece framed

Upper half

Lower half

Drawn name detail

Drawn name detail framed

Peruvian blue morpho detail

Left border with butterflies and Peruvian potato plants

Left border detail framed

Purple spotted swallowtail detail

Dedication corner framed

Very detailed family tree with King and Queen of Hearts theme

The piece before painting: lettering and line drawing finished

Upper left detail

Upper right detail

Lower left detail

Detail of decorative name

Queen of Hearts

Detail of decorative name

King of Hearts

Symbolic rose at the center

Corners each have a suit accented in gold

Family members are symbolized with animals or images

Detail of decorative initials

The golden egg in the nest symbolizes an expected baby

Janice holding her family tree

This certificate of appreciation was presented to a retiring school board member

Illuminated name detail

Decorative drawn name

Decorative signature space

This certificate shows the same format with a different color palette

Illuminated name detail

Both pieces begin with this blessing poem by Lucille Clifton

Name detail

Corner flourish detail

Elton John lyrics given as a gift

Framed with a photo for Father's Day

This Gaelic prayer was given as a wedding gift

Opening with small, illuminated M and Foundational text in black

The sun's center holds the couple's monogram


Quote by Rilke with colorful, harlequin-style illumination

Upper left corner detail

Upper right corner detail

Bottom detail

Confirmation name plate with illuminated initials and text border

Left-half detail

Right-half detail

Confirmation name plate with illuminated initials and text border

Left-half detail

Right-half detail

Artist-quality prints of this illuminated text written by local writer Ed Schneider are available


First three sections of the text

Remainder of the text and author's name

Title detail

These Lonestar lyrics were a dating anniversary gift for a lovely young couple

Top portion detail

Flowers detail

Teddy bear in T-shirt


Poetry gift in graded watercolors with white symbol borders

Phyllis presents gift to her niece Lisa

Family tree information calligraphed onto leaves

Teacher Gift with Uncial title, Copperplate border (quotes Burnett's novel) , and Italic names

Embellished quote by Robert Burns

Detail of first initial

Father's Day Gift

Baby name and verse from Jeremiah

Detail of Winnie-the-Pooh quote for Baby's Room

Embellished poetry by Kahlil Gibran

Illuminated Scripture from Isaiah in Gothic Black Letter and Italic

An arrangement of four pieces of poetry on Love and Nature

Detail of poetry by Pablo Neruda

Detail of poetry by Rumi

Detail of another piece by Rumi

Detail half of poetry by e.e. cummings

Detail other half of the cummings piece

Detail in roots shows masking technique and gold accents

Full dog pedigree to five generations

Embellished quote in graded watercolor

Illuminated Resolution for Retirement

Before framing

Detail of illuminated capitals and border design

Detail of drawn name and capitals

Name and right border detail

Detail of text in Italic

Close-up detail

Inscribed Bible book plate

Embellished Golfer's quote

A Grandmother's story told in Italic

Detail of text

Detail of text

Detail of rainbow and pot of gold

Poetry by Whitman

Detail of Yeats poem in the Celtic style with drawn Celtic knots

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