Unique Designs
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Front desk at LightSource Chiropractic, Clinton, NJ

Sun detail



Front window at LightSource Chiropractic

Side window




Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum Golden Boot Award

Sole of Golden Boot Award

Golden Boot Award detail

Baby name gift with line of text

Stars used to highlight the quote

Vertical Italic name with flourishing


This very touching letter was written by a dying grandfather
to his engaged granddaughter whose wedding he knew he'd miss.

The text style reflects the Grandfather's Scottish heritage

The thistle is a symbol of Scotland,
shown here with a heart entwined into the Celtic knot

Text and knot detail

Center knot

More text and knotwork

Lettering was in greens and blues wtih gold accents on names and knotwork

Tony and Susan Cimino with their newly decorated house

Catherine after a good day's work

Text large enough to be read from the road

Catherine planning the layout

Layout and process underway

Painting the text

Elaborate eulogy in geometric layout with floral and silver accents

Upper left corner detail


Drawn and painted name detail

Silver accents

Golf tournament book full page with 2007 scores

Illuminated title


Names detail

Totals and flourish

Golf tournament book full page with 2008 scores

Illumination detail


Varied scripts used in one document

Totals flourish

The Spinnery windows in Frenchtown

Church Remembrance Book:
steeple and weathervane dedication page




Dedication page in memory of church members

Letter from Santa on a scrap of leather from the North Pole Workshop floor

Dear Laurel detail

Text Detail

Wall painting of the Eightfold Path in Celtic style

Detail of text

Detail of gold in title

Logo redesign

Full wall menu at The Baker in Milford, NJ

Detail shows how red and gold were used to complement logo

Second wall menu


Santa's mailbox at the Frenchtown Postal Annex


Signage for Minette's Candies in Frenchtown

Hunterdon Land Trust benefit signage

Catherine's Solstice card 2004

Monogram on parchment stationery

Single initial stationery on deckle-edge card

Helen Grundmann Garden Design stationery

Uncial style used on prayer card

Logo collaboration - calligraphy by Catherine, graphics by Heather

Dedication matboard with children's names as border in Vertical Italic



Dedication matboard for the U.S. Equestrian Foundation

Illuminated pumpkin with autumn poetry

Alternate angle

Detail of first initial

Store signage in Italic on parchment

Hunterdon Land Trust's Golden Pitchfork Awards 2007
HLTA Executive Director Margaret Waldock and Catherine present the first Pitchfork - painted with laminated calligraphed dedication on a gold chain

Leslie Potter receives Golden Pitchfork Award on behalf of Congressman Rush Holt

Pitchfork Award presented to Senator Leonard Lance

Waldock presents Pitchfork Award to Richard Harris

Three dedication names on benefit race shirt

Tim Blaikie crossing the finish line

Dr. Jodi Dinnerman of Lightsource Wellness Center in her adjusting room with calligraphy on the walls

Words wrap around the room in alternate shades of purple with green details

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