Wedding Gallery
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Wedding certificate using bold color palette for borders

Top half of certificate

Names in Vertical Italic with graded watercolors

Gold dots make flourishes sparkle

Top right corner detail

Witness line in Copperplate

Right side detail

These illuminated initial cards were printed on ecru linen cardstock and attached to jars of local honey as favors

Full certificate with pears and wine

Upper left detail

Lower right detail

Grape vine and signature box

The fruit and the wine are symbols that the couple chose to represent their union

Wine detail

Pear leaves used for border

A gift for a couple engaged and married on the Brooklyn Bridge

Gold details

Bridge detail

Light detail

Wedding vows in shades of red with silver accents

Staggered text in Italic with flourishing

Top half detail

Names detail

Flourish and accents detail

Custom place cards – periwinkle on ecru, mounted to tall, chocolate-brown cards

Ketubah with full text in both English and Hebrew

Top portion shows details of watery, colorful yin-yang-based design

Masking the Hebrew creates crisp white letters in watercolor background

Gold and water washes detail

Brides' names in Hebrew accented with gold

Color blending through English text

Flourish at the bottom

Ladybug symbol by bride's signature box

Quaker wedding certificate

Ketubah with circular design, layered text motif, and body text in Italic and Copperplate styles

Hebrew verse (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine) and date, body text in Copperplate, bride and groom names in graded watercolors from burgundy to blue

Border design layers two verses

Full wedding certificate with illuminated monogram, elements incorporated that hold special meaning for the couple, and spaces for guests to sign

Corner design with Greek styling and pearl texture

Illuminated initial with calla lilies

Detail of names in Vertical Italic watercolor

Text in Copperplate with butterfly and lily motifs

Eagles logo incorporated into a butterfly

Yankees logo incorporated into a group of lilies

Formal certificate on gold parchment with fleur-de-lis motif, illuminated capitals, and spaces for guests to sign

Top half of certificate shows body text in Vertical Italic

Corner detail

Bride and Groom names are drawn in Gothic Black Letter and painted with gold details

Capital and text detail

Fleur de lis and signature spaces

Full wedding certificate with tree of life design
and signatures of guests

Detail of love birds and names

Ceremony took place during lunar eclipse

Detail of bride and groom names

Love knot incorporated into the roots

Roots used to create lines for guest signatures

Table setting with Foundational table numbers and place cards in black on white

Favor signage and place cards all in lowercase Foundational style

Alternate approach to favor signage with color accent

White place cards with beaded borders on wee Adirondack chairs

Invitation address also all lowercase

Cover of menu in Uncial and Copperplate

Roman table numbers in bronze and gold

Gold Vertical Italic on bronze place cards

Corner flourishes balance the square table number format

Gorgeous autumn table setting with calligraphed menus

Full set of original artwork for invitation in Spencerian Script

Detail of Spencerian invitation

Detail of Spencerian response card with deckle edge

Detail of Spencerian return address for RSVP envelope

Custom Anniversary Set: Ecru linen invitation and envelope in black and gold Copperplate style with gold-lined envelopes and black-on-gold wax seals

For this event, each invitation was fully lettered and created by hand

Invitation detail

Wax seal detail

RSVP and outer envelope return addresses in black Copperplate style

Hand-painted place and escort cards in a variety of styles and colors

Silver place cards with custom style lettering
shown with two options for the table line

Watercolor table number in violet with sage corner accents

Wax seals come in many colors -
copper mendhi flower seal shown above

Celtic Claddagh seal in antique gold wax

Square C monogram in white pearl

Wedding vows in black on white framed with wedding photo

Matching set of framed wedding vows

Her promises to him

His promises to her

Detail of her vows shows text in Slanted Italic with date in Copperplate

Detail of corner design and deckle-edged paper

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