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Your wedding (or other special event!) is one of your life’s uniquely important moments, and it is the kind of moment when every detail matters. Let hand-lettered calligraphy set the tone, add to the mood, and enhance the overall aesthetic feeling of your event. From the invitation envelopes, which will provide your guests their first glimpse into your wedding, to the invitation itself, the wedding certificate, ceremony program, menu, place cards, and favors, there are endless ways to use original calligraphy as part of your celebration.   Wedding Calligraphy

What Brides and Grooms Are Saying About Catherine:

I was so nice meeting with you…John and I both really enjoyed our chat. It was so refreshing to finally meet someone in all this wedding planning craziness that is so down-to-earth and cares so much about what they do. I can't tell you enough how wowed we were with the envelopes. I was able to get them in the mail Friday morning, and we have already started getting phone calls. Every person that has called mentions how beautiful your calligraphy is. One of my mother's friends cut her name out and made it the sign for her desk. Another friend actually laminated the whole thing with her address! We also had one phone call from one of my mother’s friends who said she has a very wealthy family, and after all the weddings she's been invited to, she's never seen something so beautiful. I never could have imagined calligraphy on an envelope having such a huge impact. Thank you again for all your patience and taking your time. Your work truly shows passion. I will be in touch as soon as I know about the place cards! -- Nikki Alfano

It was really nice meeting you too and I think they are absolutely perfect! I really can't believe how quick and easy the process was with such an amazing result. You are the expert; that is why you do what you do! I think they are just beautiful, and Mike REALLY likes them, too. You know guys with all the wedding stuff, they have no idea what's going on and then every once in awhile they see something you’re doing and say, "Cool, I really like that!" He was definitely impressed with them, as was I. I will definitely keep you in mind for any other creative jobs and I'm really happy you are so close. Thanks again. -- Carolyn

Just wanted to let you know that I finally saw the cards (my mom had them, and I didn’t get to see her until just now), and they look GORGEOUS! I love them - thank you so much! And the bride/ groom one you made up is adorable – I’m so happy you did that! Thank you again for everything - you have been wonderful to work with, and I will be sure to give you rave reviews to everyone I speak with and online, etc!!! -- Michele Kruchkowski

We received the certificate. It is BREATHTAKING! It is more beautiful than I had even anticipated!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We will definitely be spreading your name throughout the Delaware Valley! -- Adrienne Winney

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of our wedding and thank you again for all your hard work on the invitations and place cards. Everything came out fabulous and the purples matched perfectly. I know that was tough. We had a beautiful and amazing day. Thank you for your contribution for helping make it perfect. It was great meeting you. Thanks. -- Heather and Todd Brogan

Catherine did the most amazing work with our envelopes. She found a color that matched our invitations perfectly -- and the style she used gave us the flourish we wanted without the formality we didn't. When I went to work after the invitations had been sent out, a friend of mine told me it was the most beautiful calligraphy she'd ever seen. -- Debbie & Greg

We’re back from the honeymoon...I just wanted to thank you SO much for everything! You were absolutely amazing. I don’t know what we would have done without you, honestly. Everything you did was just so perfect….and I have so many compliments that I need to pass on to you from our various guests…you really went above and beyond anything I could’ve ever asked for, and I thank you! -- Ashlee Binder

Catherine's work leant beauty and authenticity to our wedding ceremony. Her artwork and craftsmanship are so fine and alive with spirit. The certificate has truly become a sacred object reflecting the meaningfulness of our wedding day. Catherine was able to convey understated elegance while at the same time providing detail in every last beautiful tree root as she created our illustrated certificate. Her creativity is inspiring, and her lettering and calligraphy is masterful. She is a joy to work with and is always alive with interesting and thoughtful ideas. -- Julie Fearn Klein

My husband proposed to me in mid-May, and we decided to get married on September 1st. Finding Catherine was one of the most pleasant surprises of our wedding planning activities. She was incredibly responsive to our needs and bowled us over with the breathtaking beauty of her work. In addition, she was so customer-service-oriented and took care of every detail - right up to putting the stamps on our invitations; all I had to do was pop them in the mail! And considering our short timeline and my crazy business travel schedule, she was a gem of a find!! After hearing the endless compliments from family and guests about our invitations, we opted to have her do our seating place cards, too! Catherine helped make our wedding all the more beautiful with her artwork...and she brought value to a stressed-out bride-to-be with her gracious, calm demeanor and amazing customer service! -- Tonja Curtis

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Here you will find information about calligraphy for invitations, envelope addressing, place cards, certificates, signage, and other often-requested calligraphy needs. If you don’t see what you need here, please contact Catherine with your questions and she will get back to you - usually within 24 hours.


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While most people order their invitations from a printer or stationer, you may want to consider having your entire invitation set, or part of it, lettered by hand. Catherine offers many services in this department, from simply lettering the names by hand for your printer to reproduce within a printed text to complete custom invitation creation and assembly with original calligraphy for every part of the package: the invitation, reception and response cards, reply envelopes, even directions.

For any kind of custom work, contact Catherine with a detailed description of what you’d like done by hand and you will receive an estimate. For more information about the cost of custom work, see the Pricing page.


Planning: You should plan on mailing out your invitations 6-8 weeks before a wedding and at least 4 weeks before a party. A shorter timeframe is acceptable if you’ve mailed out save-the-date announcements. Catherine will need 1 week per 125-150 envelopes prior to your mail-out date. While rush jobs may be accommodated for a fee, the key to a stress-free experience is to plan ahead. In order to book Catherine for envelope addressing, wax sealing, and/or assembly of your invitations, call 908-996-7325 to discuss your needs or email Catherine with the details as soon as possible.

Cost: Open and print the Price List for Envelopes and Other Envelope Services.

Acquire Your Invitations: Once you’ve decided on hand-lettered calligraphy, you should have your invitations printed and shipped to you for checking. Be sure to order at least 15% extra envelopes to allow for errors, additions, deletions, and changes. Catherine cannot with a calm mind approach a stack of exactly 100 envelopes if there are 98 addresses on the guest list!

Acquire your invitations

Choose a style
Choose A Style: Visit the 'Styles' page to see the standard calligraphic styles that Catherine offers. If you do not see what you want there OR you would like a custom style or design, contact Catherine to discuss options and pricing.

Book The Job: Once you have confirmed Catherine’s availability to do your envelopes, you may book the scheduled time by sending a deposit.  You may make your check payable to: Calligraphy by Catherine and mail it to P.O. Box 25, Frenchtown, NJ 08825.

Prepare your guest list

Preparing Your Guest List: Prepare a numbered, word-processed guest list with each name exactly as you would like it to appear on the envelope. It is very important that you proofread your list carefully! Your list needs to be in a format that can be easily transcribed, as in the example above. If you have questions of etiquette, please consult the following links for help.

If you don’t find the answer to your question in any of these sites, Catherine would be happy to help you find an answer.


Hand-lettered calligraphy provides a gorgeous detail at your event, be it on escort cards, place cards, or table numbers. There is some confusion about place cards and escort cards. An escort card is a card that “escorts” a guest to his table: typically, the guest picks up his card at the entrance to an event; they are usually displayed alphabetically and contain a table number. The guest finds his name (or a card with his wife’s and his name on it) and carries the escort card to his table to see where he will sit. Traditionally, a separate place card would then await him (and her) at the table and establish where at that table they would be seated.


Place Cards and Table Numbers

“Place” cards were used to seat people carefully in relationship to other guests, often not next to their own spouses, and every guest would have his/her own card on the table. Today, these two card functions are often combined into one card – an escort card with one or two names on it and a table number is picked up at the entrance and carried with the guest(s), who then place it on the table, allowing them to choose their own seating in relation to that table’s other guests. However you choose to seat your guests, hand-lettered cards and numbers add elegance to your tables.


Wedding Certificates


Many traditions have celebrated special events with a certificate. The Quaker tradition of having the couple and their guests sign, or “set their hands to” a decorative text document is a lovely way to have the guests partake in the meaning of the ceremony. It also provides the couple with a beautiful record of their commitment and the loved ones who were present.

The traditional Jewish custom of the ketubah also involves a decorative document signed on the wedding day. It is customary for the ketubah, like other ceremonial objects, to be as beautiful as possible. In this contemporary example, the Hebrew date of the marriage is included, and imagery that was important to the couple is included in the design.
See Full Wedding Gallery.


Jewish Ketubah


Wedding Programs, Signage and Menus

There are many uses for calligraphy during a wedding. The ceremony program, the dinner menu, and helpful signage at the wedding venue should all be beautiful, carefully-planned documents. Many brides choose calligraphy for favors, having scrolls of treasured poetry or lyrics penned as gifts to their guests. A Wedding Book with an illuminated dedication book plate makes a gorgeous wedding gift, and there is no more meaningful bride or groom gift than hand-lettered vows in a stunning frame. Whether you need a CD case designed or an elegant way to direct guests to the bar or coat room, calligraphy can give every aspect of your event the time and care it deserves.


Ecologically responsible jewelry (recycled gold, mining-free diamonds)


Let her decide with a Calligraphy by Catherine gift certificate, available in any amount!  With a gift certificate, the bride and groom are given freedom to apply it wherever they would most appreciate it - envelopes, a certificate, anything.  Contact Catherine for more information.

Let her decide with a gift certificate
Let Her Decide With A Gift Certificate!

Calligraphy adds a special touch to your wedding
Leah and Jared (and Fenway),
February 14, 2009
Calligraphy adds a special touch to your wedding
Heather and Todd,
April 18, 2009
Calligraphy adds a special touch to your wedding
Tonja and Robert,
September 2007
Calligraphy adds a special touch to your wedding
Tonja and Robert with rubber boots and cows
Calligraphy adds a special touch to your wedding
Sandy and Ken, April 22, 2006

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